New York protesters camp out at Goldman Sachs to oppose Trump

 New York protesters camp out at Goldman Sachs to oppose Trump

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Plenty of protesters gathered just outside of Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) headquarters on Tuesday to rally against President-elect Donald Trump's picking several former executives within the Wall Street bank for the greatest jobs as part of his administration.

Some with the 50 or possibly even longer protesters wore swamp-monster masks in mention of Trump's pledge to "drain the swamp" that he said Washington is now to get reduce special interests. About 20 of these brought sleeping bags, going to camp outside 200 West Street until Trump's inauguration on Friday.

Goldman Sachs security system sent employees and guests to entrances to the north side on the building for the rainy evening as protesters unrolled green sleeping bags on the southwest corner.

In an emailed statement, Goldman Sachs spokeswoman Tiffany Galvin said your banker respects "every individual's rights to assembly and freedom of expression."

She declined to reply to the protesters' objections to Trump's nominations of ex-Goldman employees including Steve Mnuchin, Trump's pick to enjoy the U.S. Treasury Department. Others include Gary Cohn, who was simply chief operating officer before becoming Trump's economic adviser, and Dina Powell, who left her position as Goldman's head of philanthropic investing to undertake a similar.

Goldman Sachs had long been known as Wall Street's most prestigious and profitable bank because of so many executives leaving for high-profile government positions it earned the nickname "Government Sachs." Nevertheless in the aftermath with the 2008 financial crisis, Goldman instead found itself blamed by politicians and activists for taking advantage of the implosion in the mortgage market.

In response, your budget embarked with a pr campaign to scrub up its image and launched initiatives to help small companies, prisoners and female entrepreneurs. Though the string of Trump appointments has renewed a number of public contempt it received over the Occupy Wall Street protests this year. (

Nelini Stamp, 29, an organizer which has a group called Working Families, said she also participated in that movement and Trump's appointments drove her an extra chance.

"We're here to be certain that people recognize that Goldman Sachs is running our government," Stamp said.

Holding an indicator while using picture of a swamp monster biting down on a gold bar emblazoned with #GovernmentSachs and "foreclosures," Ethan Cantor, 25, stated it was his first-time on a protest.

The New Jersey native said Trump's embrace of Goldman Sachs contradicted criticism the president-elect had leveled against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for speaking fees she caused by the bank.

"He used Goldman like a dig against Hillary," said Cantor, who said he reluctantly voted for Democratic candidates within the last election. "One good thing about (Trump's) campaign was it was subsequently populist. Now he's lying to their own voters."


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